Get More Retweets With These Simple Tips (Infographic)

Today’s featured infographic was created by @neilpatel of QuickSprout. Ever wondered why some people are constantly retweeted while your brilliant tweets are ignored. Here are the key takeaways:

  • Ask for a retweet by adding this phrase to your tweet: “Please Retweet”
  • Use between 71 and 101 characters to allow room for retweeting
  • Tweet between noon and 2:00 pm, especially on Friday
  • Include at least one hashtag, but not too many — other research says too many hashtags decreases retweets.
  • Include one URL
  • Tweet about Twitter

These are specific actionable steps you can take! Read the infographic to learn more about why these guidelines matter, then print them out and stick them on your computer.  The odds say ou’ll see your retweets go up!

The Art of Getting Retweets (Infographic) via @DanielSharkov


Build your Twitter audience with contest

I recently saw a Facebook status update from a friend who was retweeting a Twitter contest to win an iPod. I entered — why not — and was prompted to follow the poster and also to post about the contest on Twitter. It was simple and easy, so I decided to look into how the contest was managed. Here’s what I found:

Website has a simple platform to support viral Twitter contests. It costs $199 for a one-month contest and looks like a fun way to grow your Twitter audience.

“Our custom Twitter API enabled contest site allows for a fully automated contest entry process.  Twitter users who enter a contest can automatically follow the contest promoter’s account, to grow the audience you can communicate with on Twitter.  Our system is also viral, each entrant will send a message through Twitter to everyone who follows them, letting their friends know about the contest they just entered.”

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