Awesome roundup of FREE Content Marketing eBooks and Cheatsheets

Click for roundup of FREE Content Marketing eBooks and Cheatsheets

I won a copy of this great book -- and now you can get the ebook free, along with 3 more AND cheatsheets

I won a copy of this great book — and now you can get the ebook free, along with 3 more AND cheatsheets

Great resources! Content Marketer’s Resource Box: Free Ebooks and Cheatsheets by @seosmarty  via @sejournal

This is a terrific roundup of FOUR – count ’em – FOUR ebooks plus FIVE cheat sheets. These aren’t throw-away white papers. I won a copy of Content Rules last year and it is well worth reading. Sensible strategy, practical techniques, and lots of useful tips.

Find even more content marketing tips and infographics on my Pinterest Content Marketing board.

Still here? Seriously, click the link. This collection is worth your time.


Are you listening to your superfans?

Are you making it easy for your Superfans to help you?

Are you making it easy for your Superfans to help you?

Are you listening to your superfans?

Jon Thomas at SocialMediaToday tackles a topic that I believe is critically important to associations and organizations: superfansl  (Or supermembers for associations.)

These are your passionate brand advocates, the people who spread the word about you, and who invest their own time (and sometimes money) to help you out. These customers have never gotten enough attention, but with social media, they are more important than ever. A few quick thoughts:

  • Do you know who your superfans are? Not just the top 5, but the top 10%? Are they coded in your database?
  • Do you thank them? Special benefits or a freebie now and then can help you build even tighter bonds with these key supporters.
  • Do you encourage them to share their ideas and suggestions with you? Sometimes your customers will spot problems long before you see them. Let them help you.
  • Do you make it easy for them to spread the word about initiatives you want promoted?

No? Why not? These people WANT to help you. Make it easy for them and you’ll reap the rewards. After almost 25 years of promoting associations and conferences, one of the first things we do when developing marketing plans is to identify these superfans. Instead of wasting time selling them on WHY, we enlist their help to tell other people why it’s time for them to get involved, join, or attend an event. It’s a powerful technique and too few groups are using it.

LinkedIn Marketing: Your Ultimate Marketing Strategy [INFOGRAPHIC]

Your Ultimate LinkedIn Marketing Strategy Infographic

LinkedIn Marketing: Your Four Steps To Success On LinkedIn [INFOGRAPHIC].

With LinkedIn making almost constant enhancements to turn themselves into a true social network, knowing how to make the most of it is more important than ever. Today’s infographic comes via @MelonieDodaro .

For more LinkedIn infographics, tips, and articles check out my Pinterest Board on LinkedIn.

Why you need to look at your Facebook brand page on your phone RIGHT NOW

Facebook rolled out changes to mobile Facebook pages yesterday. The good news? Your page was automatically converted. The bad news? You may not like what you see. (Click through to AllFacebook for a summary and visuals.) Here’s what you need to check RIGHT NOW:

Notice that your icon, name, and description almost completely block your cover photo

Notice that your icon, name, and description almost completely block your cover photo

  • your page icon almost completely covers your cover photo. Make sure your icon communicates your main message
  • phone and address are most prominent. Make sure they are current.
  • The last photo you uploaded comes next, OUT OF CONTEXT. For example, a photo you used to illustrate a post will show up alone without the text. That may be fine, it might not. Check.
  • Tabs do NOT show on mobile devices. Make sure you are not relying on tabs to convey critical info.
  • Be careful with photo sizes. The old standard 402 x 402 still looks best on your desktop page, but, as we’ve said before, Facebook is now saying 552 x 414 is best for the new newsfeed. It looks like that holds for the mobile page too — photos are definitely wider

REMEMBER: Over half of Facebook users access the site from their mobile device and that number is going up. Facebook is going all in on mobile — make sure you’re ready.

WHY it’s time to SuperCharge Your Google+ Page (and how to do it)

Are you paying enough attention to your organization or blog’s Google+ page? Do you have one? Have you upgraded your cover photo? Updated your story? For way too many groups, the answer is No — and that’s a mistake.  Why? Because your Google+ page is critical to your online marketing. The contents you highlight on G+ end up in prime real estate on your Google search page, giving you more control of your results page than anything else you can do!

Supercharge Your G+ page screenshot

For more, click through the slideshare our Lynn O’Connell prepared with @CarlyAThorne for Social Media SuperChargers. For even more social media training, support, and resources, join the brand new Social Media SuperChargers community — with the special introductory rate, you pay less than 50 cents a day for the the first two months. Plus, you’re joining a collaborative community of marketers, social media managers, business owners, speakers, and fan page managers committed to helping each other succeed on Facebook, Twitter, G+, LinkedIn, Pinterest and more. Start by following the Social Media SuperChargers on Facebook here and here. Then follow on Google+ and check out the introductory membership offer here. It’s the perfect way to get the ideas, information, and motivation you need to SUPERCHARGE your pages. (People of all experience levels are welcomed, so perfect for your staff, too.) Lynn and Carly follow all the social media trends, tools, and techniques so that you can focus your time on getting RESULTS for your pages.

<div style=”margin-bottom:5px”> <strong> <a href=”; title=”Super Charge your Google Plus Page” target=”_blank”>Super Charge your Google Plus Page</a> </strong> from <strong><a href=”; target=”_blank”>Lynn O’Connell</a></strong> </div>

PLEASE SHARE, embed on your blog, tweet, or post to your favorite social networks.

 In just a few hours, this presentation hit the trifecta and hit hottest on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn on the Slideshare home page. (The Social Media SuperChargers may be a new group, but they know how to get results — they are three for three on getting their Slideshares into this premium space!)

SuperCharge Your YouTube Channel

Have you switched to the new YouTube One Channel? Social Media SuperCharger’s Lynn O’Connell and Carly A Thorne give you a short and sweet overview of the many new branding, marketing, and call to action opportunities you now have.

<div style=”margin-bottom:5px”> <strong> <a href=”; title=”Supercharge YOUR You Tube Channel” target=”_blank”>Supercharge YOUR You Tube Channel</a> </strong> from <strong><a href=”; target=”_blank”>Lynn O’Connell</a></strong> </div>

What the New Facebook NewsFeed Means for YOUR Page

Wondering what the new Facebook News Feed changes will mean for YOUR page? A LOT. Page posts will now be segregated into a separate “Following” feed, which means that your posts will no longer flow into the general newsfeed. As Facebook tells us that users spend more than 40% of their time on the newsfeed, that means you need to take action NOW to ensure that your most dedicated fans and members share your content with their friends — that’s the best way to get your content into the general feed.  And, that’s just ONE of the changes. Our Lynn O’Connell worked with @CarlyAThorne to create a short presentation for their social media training group, Social Media Superchargers, to give you a quick overview of what the newsfeed changes will mean to you.

Slideshare: What the New Facebook News Feed Changes Mean for YOUR Page

<div style=”margin-bottom:5px”> <strong> <a href=”; title=”Facebook news feed changes and your page” target=”_blank”>Facebook news feed changes and your page</a> </strong> from <strong><a href=”; target=”_blank”>Lynn O’Connell</a></strong> </div>

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