Top 4 Digital Marketing Trends for 2013 [Infographic]

Top 4 Digital Marketing Trends for 2013 [Infographic] via @dotcominfoway

Today’s featured infographic takes a look at the trends shaping marketing this year through 2016. A few key points:

By 2015, more U.S. more users will access the net via mobile than desktop.
Yet only 42.8% of marketers plan to increase mobile marketing spend in 2013.

64% of mobile time is spent on apps.
48% of  users install new apps after tapping on ads from Facebook page.

The average B2B marketer uses 5 social media channels compared to 4 for B2C.
91% of B2B marketers are using content marketing

Infographics drive 25% increase in website traffic

78% of marketers use enewsletters
83% of marketers use LinkedIn, making it the most popular social media channel for content distribution

Does your marketing program factor in these key digital trends? If you need to reposition, call O’Connell Meier for strategic planning, digital + direct creative, and innovative social media programs. (Give Rich Meier a call at 703-635-2893.)

Top 4 Digital Marketing Trends for 2013 via DCI


Why you need to look at your Facebook brand page on your phone RIGHT NOW

Facebook rolled out changes to mobile Facebook pages yesterday. The good news? Your page was automatically converted. The bad news? You may not like what you see. (Click through to AllFacebook for a summary and visuals.) Here’s what you need to check RIGHT NOW:

Notice that your icon, name, and description almost completely block your cover photo

Notice that your icon, name, and description almost completely block your cover photo

  • your page icon almost completely covers your cover photo. Make sure your icon communicates your main message
  • phone and address are most prominent. Make sure they are current.
  • The last photo you uploaded comes next, OUT OF CONTEXT. For example, a photo you used to illustrate a post will show up alone without the text. That may be fine, it might not. Check.
  • Tabs do NOT show on mobile devices. Make sure you are not relying on tabs to convey critical info.
  • Be careful with photo sizes. The old standard 402 x 402 still looks best on your desktop page, but, as we’ve said before, Facebook is now saying 552 x 414 is best for the new newsfeed. It looks like that holds for the mobile page too — photos are definitely wider

REMEMBER: Over half of Facebook users access the site from their mobile device and that number is going up. Facebook is going all in on mobile — make sure you’re ready.

IBM Study: CEOs lead digital, social, mobile convergence

IBM study finds that CEOs are leading by example when it comes to the convergence of digital, social, mobile, and more. All association leaders should check out this excellent Forbes article and then download the full IBM report. I see huge opportunities for associations with leaders who embrace these changes!

While social media is the least utilized of all customer interaction methods today, it stands to become the number two organizational engagement method within the next five years, a close second to face-to-face interactions.

and this:

CEOs are most focused on gaining insights into their customers. Seventy-three percent of CEOs are making significant investments in their organizations’ ability to draw meaningful customer insights from available data.

via IBM Study: If You Don’t Have a Social CEO, You’re Going to be Less Competitive – Forbes.

IBM CEO Study: Leading Through Connections

Insights from the study are on IBM’s website here. Includes video interviews with CEOs and you can download the report from the same link.

Explosive growth in texting

The Washington Post reported today that ” U.S. subscribers sent 1 trillion text messages last year, three times the 2007 volume.” Voice minutes went up only 5%. (Article here.)

The implications for consumer marketing are obvious. But how does this trend impact B2B marketing campaigns? We’ll keep watching for winning campaigns.

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