13 Reasons Why Your Brain Craves Infographics

thirteen-reasonsEver wondered why infographics and visual data are taking over the internet? This amazing infographic from @neomammalian explains the science behind the popularity of infographics.

Great information, plus they have embedded clickable links so you can easily tweet the data.

13 Reasons Why Your Brain Craves Infographic [HTML 5 Infographic].



  1. Although I understand the theory behind infographics, I guess I feel a bit suspicious. I am not sure that I see the amazing engagement IRL that the studies seem to indicate. Most infographics, for example, are sized inappropriately…they are huge…I know it is better for SEO reasons, but if you can’t see it on a screen or two, the human impact is diminished. When I see infographics on Facebook or G+, they are always thumbnails that are impossible to see. Seems a better theory than reality right now. I hope that progress will cause the hype to match the reality better.

    • Facebook definitely handles infographics badly. I’d like to see them give an option to show just the header and then let you click to see the whole thing. The way they currently reduce to a microscopic skinny image is ludicrous.

  2. WE are VISUAL people in nature in how we process

  3. As I have said for years, the brain hears words, but the mind thinks in pictures. This graphic was exceptionally large however the content was easy to read and the point was to prove how engaging infographics are. Thanks for sharing Lynn

    Leanne Hoagland-Smith

    • The power of pictures truly is amazing. The data in this infographic helped me understand why I have collected hundreds of them on my Pinterest boards! So much easier for people to understand concepts when visuals are added.

  4. I LOVE Infographics, Lynn. I collect them on Pinterest too!

    • Pinterest is PERFECT for infographics — the only site that really has right format for finding and reading them.

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