Today’s Association Marketing Tip: The right metrics + the right content = the right results

How do you know if your social media strategy is working?

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You can’t judge your success just by quantity. The key to successful measurement is to first decide what your social media program is designed to do and then identify metrics that will help you achieve the results you want.

Let’s take membership as an example. Is your objective to:

  • increase paid memberships? Your goal should be to encourage members to share content and to get prospective members to follow you. Plan to measure retweets and new follows from viable prospects. (No, exhibitors at your conference don’t count.)
  • engage your members? Participation becomes the key. Measure replies, hash tag usage, and mentions.
  • showcase the expertise of your members? Define who your members want to reach, follow and engage those people, and measure how many follow back and engage with your content. (And, be sure to make your posts a steady stream of articles and retweets from members.)

Taking time to think through your objective makes it much easier to focus your social media efforts on the right topics and right audience. You’ll be amazed by how quickly you can zero in on the right content once you have a clear objective and defined metrics. Plus, your metrics will give you the ammunition you need to keep your channels on message when people want to use your posts or tweets as electronic press releases – – social media is a conversation, not the announcements you used to hear over the PA system in school.


  1. Getting the metrics right is so critical. I think some folks in SoMe leadership are avoiding the hard analytics because they are concerned about the results. Solid understanding of the real ROI will be critical to increased investment in this new and important area.

    • Coming up with an effective tracking strategy is painfully difficult. For now, our best bet is to come up with key indicators and keep track of them. That can help compare one tweet to another, or one message to another. But, until we have a solid way to track ROI social media will remain a guessing game… and marketers don’t like gambling. I saw this in a Rutgers course description recently: “The R.O.I. on Social Media is that your business will be in operation 5 years from now.” OK. We can get by on that for a bit longer. But at some point SOON we need to find a way to demonstrate results. Because the real money demands results.

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