Today’s Association Marketing Tip: Launch Pinterest contest for staff

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Here’s a great way to quickly add interesting content to your Pinterest boards: launch a contest to see which pin gets the most comments, likes, and repins from members. Your association has a wealth of content – a quick contest will encourage staff from all departments to share their best photos, videos, and articles! Plus, you’ll give members reasons to stop by your Pinterest boards regularly to vote on content with their likes and repins.

Getting started is easy.

  • See this post for ideas about the kinds of info your association can post. Copy the list into an email announcing the contest.
  • Pick a prize. This could be a Starbucks card, an afternoon off, or bragging rights.
  • Set a submission deadline and an end date for the contest. Remind people that the sooner they post content, the more time their pin will have to get attention.
  • Invite your members to visit your Pinterest boards to like, comment, and repin. Promote the contest in an email, on your blog, on Twitter, and Facebook.
  • Check this clip for more social media contest ideas:

Many organizations have hardworking and productive people, but these employees are never asked to go beyond their normal tasks and be part of the fun of generating creative marketing ideas. Here are a few ideas for changing that culture by using a little competition:

For Facebook and/or Pinterest, have a contest to see who can come up with the visual that will garner the most clicks, comments, and Likes.
For Twitter and/or Google+, give a prize out for who comes up with the best idea for increasing followers or circles.
If you have front-line staff that has interaction with customers, have a contest among them for that can get the most email or SMS subscribers.Once you start looking for ways to create fun incentives, you start seeing them everywhere.

via Are You a Sloppy Marketer? | Social Media Today. (Note: The article covers a broader topic, including setting themes for your content.)

Lynn O’Connell is the Creative Director of O’Connell Meier, a digital + direct marketing firm serving national trade and professional associations.

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  1. Re Pinterest, I’d add that getting up-to-speed now is a great time as they are just starting to take off.

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