Today’s Association Marketing Tip: Launch a Pinterest account

I was inspired to collect some inspiring examples of associations on Pinterest  after reading Jeff Bullas’s blog article on 10 Creative Ways to Market on Pinterest. (Check it out and follow Jeff on Twitter @JeffBullas.)

Unfortunately, I was surprised to find that many of the association pins I found on Pinterest were posted by members, NOT the association itself. So today’s tip is to take 10 minutes today to start or enhance your Pinterest boards to help your members and increase your visibility:

If your association does not have a Pinterest account, start now. You may have to request an invitation — it takes about one week to receive from the site, or you can ask a friend to invite you. You don’t have to plan your content or have everything ready in order to get started. All you need is your username, password, and email address. Everything else can be added later.

Pick one or two items from this list and add to your Pinterest boards right now. Think easy, think content you already have, and take 10 minutes to post something right now. Don’t wait until you have everything you’d like to feature. Pinterest boards grow over time. Post what you have at hand and plan to expand later.

  • Member logo or badge. Make it easy for members to show they belong!
  • Videos from sessions or from your association’s YouTube channel. You can easily add YouTube or Vimeo content to Pinterest pins.
  • Career advice. Do you have a Career center? Job listings? Articles about finding a job or managing your career? Information for students considering your field? Start a new board and link a few items. Use photos or graphics from the articles or website for your pin.
  • Photos promoting your next event. Speaker head shots, city photos, event shots — use the same materials you gather for your early bird promotions. In a great location? Dedicate a whole board to the city.
  • Slideshare presentations from your last conference or event.
  • Book covers or author photos. These can be from books your association sells, books written by speakers at upcoming events, or books by your members. Use the caption to explain the tie to your association — “John Doe will lead the general session at our next conference.”
  • White papers or research reports. Use the cover for your graphic and link to a page where people can download or purchase the report.
  • Posters, Infographics, Brochures. Have you created a poster to use as a membership marketing incentive? A useful brochure to help the general public understand an issue? Pinterest is the perfect place to highlight your content.
  • Sponsor logos. Create a board to highlight your sponsors, post their logos (same ones you use for your promotions), and link either to their sites, or to the page where they are honored on your site.
  • Recent article from your magazine or e-newsletter. Feature your cover story or a general article that will be of interest to people in your field. Use a photo for the pin, put the article title and publication name in the caption and link to the article online. (Pick content that is available to all site visitors.)

When possible, link each pin to a page on your website where people can find more information. That way, people can easily find your source material as members share the pins with their friends.

Remember: think easy! Your association has a wealth of information available. Think of a few pins you can quickly add using existing content to add sizzle to your Pinterest page.

Lynn O’Connell is the Creative Director of O’Connell Meier, a digital + direct marketing firm serving national trade and professional associations.

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Check out my social media and digital + direct marketing boards on Pinterest. You’ll find lots of infographics… feel free to share with your members!


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