Where’s the line between personal and professional info?

This infographic from namesake.com on transparency vs. anonymity has been kicking around for a while, but it recaptured my attention on pinterest this weekend? Why? The whole issue of what’s private and what’s public is something I’m wrestling with, especially since the explosion of pinterest. My personal account is full of boards on digital+direct marketing, social media, and infographics — all topics that apply to my professional life. But, what about the boards with ideas for entertaining my 5-year old nephew? Or all those posts about zombies? Not to mention the politics and issues board that reflects my political beliefs — which have NOTHING to do with my business life. (O’Connell Meier is 100% non-partisan, as you can tell from our client list.)

After total immersion in social media for the past decade, I tend to be far more transparent than my friends and family members are. My professional opinion is that we will all gradually become more transparent and more tolerant of the blurred lines between personal and professional interests. And, I think that filtering and privacy controls will become more sophisticated along the way. But we’re not there yet, and I know that many experts recommend scrubbing anything the least bit opinionated or revealing from your public persona. But, that becomes bland and boring… and creates a whole lot of extra work. It goes against my nature to spend a lot of time making things boring!

But, now I have to decide: do I start a new pinterest account for my business? Or do I share links to business-specific boards in my personal account and just accept that if clients look at other boards, some might find the zombie obsession a tad odd?

P.S. If you’re OK with personal mixed with business, you can follow my pinterest boards here. Just remember it’s Lynn’s perspective and O’Connell Meier is not responsible for any opinions expressed. (And you can be 100% confident that Rich has nothing to do with the boards on fashion!)

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